© Good Hope GSD Club 2014 Breeders affiliated to Good Hope:  Bateleur, Briza, Consul Hof, Lucstride, Oerzonn, Ronneburg, Tharanheim Puppies currently available: Ronneburg has 4 male puppies from Olivia von Ronneburg and Lobo van de Ianhoeve Enquiries to Johan Thompson 084 221 9920 Vom Consul Hof has 2 male puppies from Jenna of Keashan and Zeus von Regina Pacis Enquiries to Brenford Consul 082 826 1509 Made with Xara Breeding requirements/qualifications:  There are certain minimum requirements that must be met  before members are able to breed a litter of puppies.  Some of the working qualifications include a 20km  endurance run (AD), a temperament and obedience test  (BH) as well as a breed survey.  Guidance and training is  offered for all these disciplines.  The club offers guidance and advise to all its members on  any and all aspects related to breeding an excellent quality,  healthy family protection dog.